Fluppu is changing the world.

Whoever is fast enough can donate money the fun way.

You’re asking yourselves, “how do I donate?” Well, just by playing the game often. Under seven seconds or after every 100th game you play one cent into the hands of those in need. Like the proverb says “a penny played is a penny earned”. There’s no limit to what you can do!

Wolfgang Quaiser (35) and Frederik Kobe (27) developed Fluppu to change the world. There are lots different types of donors. Some donate money, others manpower, and others their time. But what about people who have neither time nor money? Unfortunately there are very many.

“We tried to develop something to help people. Something where young people can even help children. We came upon the idea to use today’s technology and trends to collect donations.”

Everyone likes to play. In the Subway or the Bus or at the doctor’s. And when people are waiting for appointments, what do they do then? They surf the web on their smartphone, write each other messages or they play small games. Now even this time can be used effectively. Fluppu is the first app that when you play, you make the world that little bit better. When playing the app, donations are generated through the in-game ads, so you don’t even need to reach for your wallet. The more people play, the more is donated. Each of us can do our bit to make the world a better place. No-one can hide and no-one can say that they don’t have time nor money. Big or small, with Fluppu everyone has the chance to shape the world to be how they want it.

Fluppu is any easy game. 18 colorful balls show up on the display, and you need to press them. You have all the time in the world. But with every 100th game or with a game-time of under seven seconds you donate a cent to people who need it in Berlin. A game takes between 4-10 seconds and that’s not much time. Every game counts!

We have a Top 100 for the fastest times, highest scores and donations to check your average performance. You can also create a Top list for your friends. You don’t need to be the fastest to make the Top spot. You can add your friends using the interface or via Facebook just by connecting the app. We only request the standard data from Facebook, and we don’t save it. We don’t want your data – we want your motivation!

But that’s not all. We’re currently working hard to let you create your own projects. You can then finance this project by playing in donations. Of course, we’ll vet each project accordingly to make sure it meets our quality standards.

You’re probably asking yourself where the money comes from? When using web-banners, you get considerably more money from large corporations if the banner is clicked on. As we can’t force people to click or tell them to do so, we just want to tell you the principle behind it. The more money comes from ads, the more possibilities there are, for example a donation for a game completely not only under seven seconds, but eight, or even special donations etc.

We’re relying on your help. Share, play and change the world!

Information on Wolfgang Quaiser

https://www.facebook.com/ FluppuGame/posts/ 205352626475361:0
Information on Frederik Kobe

https://www.facebook.com/ FluppuGame/posts/ 205640806446543:0

Interview on 98.8 KISS FM (only in German)
https://soundcloud.com/ wolfgang-quaiser/ sondersendung-leben-auf-der -strase-kissfm 

If you would like more information, please contact us via Facebook. Please also contact us if you have any suggestions for improvements or tips. We are very grateful for any help we receive.